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Mathemagical Robots & Amazing Angles


Mathemagical Robots

Our grade 5/ 6 students were asked to design a simple robot and draw it whilst looking at it from at least three different perspectives (e.g. front view, bird’s eye view or side view).

The students thoroughly enjoyed working on their own or with a partner in order to build their robots. The nets of 3D objects such as cylinders, cubes, cones, prisms and pyramids were drawn on paper and then folded to create the body parts. After making their robots, students described the total number of parts by studying the shapes of the faces and counting edges and vertices.


Angles, Angles Everywhere!

We used protractors to measure angles. (Many of us needed to learn how to correctly place the protractor on the angle and how to read the measurement).

We discovered that when two lines intersect, many angles are created. We learnt two angles, side by side on a line equal 180 degrees when added together. We also discovered that the two angles facing each other were always the same size.


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