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Professor Bunsen Incursion at SAEPS


On Thursday the 14th of September, St Albans East Primary School had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Bunsen to show us how exciting science can actually be. He showed us many wonderful and entertaining experiments teaching the students about atoms, matter in the form of liquids, solids and gases as well as different ways to make energy.

One of the experiments he showed us was the water and balloon experiment where he put a small amount of water in a balloon and blew it up. The balloon didn’t pop as you might expect under the flame because of the water inside it.

Another memorable moment was when the Professor involved one of the students in a demonstration. He called up Adrian from the audience and asked him to stand still. He poured some water into an empty cup then turned the cup upside down onto Adrian’s head! We all thought that his hair was going to be drenched but no… Nothing came out of the cup. To understand how this happened, you’ll have to ask a student.

At the end of the show the students were lucky enough to receive some gifts from Professor Bunsen such as disappearing ink, Orbeez (tiny balls that absorb water and become bigger but invisible in water) and periodic tables posters for each class.

It was a wonderful and spectacular experience learning about different ways to make energy and to see how chemicals react differently.

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