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Going to High School


This term our grade 6 students have been very lucky to take part in the six week, Passport to Success Program run by the Smith Family. This program teaches students a range of skills to assist them in their transition to high school. Students get the opportunity to discuss and explore issues such as time management, homework, self motivation, note taking and friendships. On Monday we welcomed a year 12 student from St Albans Secondary College to discuss her experiences and answer questions.

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The grade 5/6s have been doing a lot of fun work on measurement, particularly volume and capacity. We made a short cylinder with an A4 piece of paper and then a long cylinder with the same piece of paper. Many students believed that because the surface area of the paper stays the same it’s capacity would also stay the same!!
Guess what happened? The shorter cylinder held more blocks, which means it has a larger capacity!
We also wanted to find out what a metre cubed would look like, so we made it!! We went on to ask ourselves questions like how many students would fit in a cubed metre and how many cubed metres our classroom be.
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Education Week


Last week was Education Week. In light if this we had a whole school Assembly to showcase the work we have done this Semester. The Grade 5/6s shared the work they have done in Inquiry, specifically around Disasters and Health. It was so lovely to see so many parents attend the assembly and then pop into our classrooms to see more of what we have been doing.

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Taster Day


On Thursday Grade 6 students went to St Albans Secondary College to get a taste of what high school would be like. They had an opportunity to meet some of their Year 7 teachers and were able to experience a sample of the work they would be doing next year, such as science experiments, coding and woodwork.

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Meet The Teacher Night


On Tuesday 27th February students had the opportunity to bring along their families to meet their teacher and show them around their classroom and the whole school. It was fabulous to meet so many families and to see the students delight in telling their families about where they sit, where they have their specialist programs and what they are currently learning about. Families enjoyed a free sausage sizzle and students excitedly received their free Zooper Dooper after they had their ‘Passports’ stamped at every key site!

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Grade 6 Interschool Sports


The Grade 6s had their first experience of interschool sports on Friday 9th February. They competed against other Grade 6s from University Park Primary School in tennis, T-ball and basketball. We were so proud of our kids not only because they played brilliantly but all teams showed fabulous sportsmanship and teamwork!! Go East!!

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Welcome back!


Welcome back to SAEPS 2018!

It was great to see many happy faces this morning after the holidays, with students eager to share their holiday adventures with there peers and teachers. It was also pleasing to see a few new faces who are joining our SAEPS community.

In 2018 we will have four Grade 5/6 classrooms with Ms Moodley in Room 20, Mr Lin in Room 21, Briony in Room 23 and Mr Zaitzev in Room 24.

Unfortunately, Ms Moodley will be absent for the next 2 weeks.

A reminder that Interschool Sport will be beginning next Friday the 9th of February.

Thank you to all students for the warm welcome back, we look forward to an exciting year in Grade 5/6!

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Professor Bunsen Incursion at SAEPS


On Thursday the 14th of September, St Albans East Primary School had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Bunsen to show us how exciting science can actually be. He showed us many wonderful and entertaining experiments teaching the students about atoms, matter in the form of liquids, solids and gases as well as different ways to make energy.

One of the experiments he showed us was the water and balloon experiment where he put a small amount of water in a balloon and blew it up. The balloon didn’t pop as you might expect under the flame because of the water inside it.

Another memorable moment was when the Professor involved one of the students in a demonstration. He called up Adrian from the audience and asked him to stand still. He poured some water into an empty cup then turned the cup upside down onto Adrian’s head! We all thought that his hair was going to be drenched but no… Nothing came out of the cup. To understand how this happened, you’ll have to ask a student.

At the end of the show the students were lucky enough to receive some gifts from Professor Bunsen such as disappearing ink, Orbeez (tiny balls that absorb water and become bigger but invisible in water) and periodic tables posters for each class.

It was a wonderful and spectacular experience learning about different ways to make energy and to see how chemicals react differently.

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Grade 5/6 Excursion – Shrine of Remembrance


Students in Grade 5/6 had the opportunity to take part in a ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance.

The ceremony marked the 75th Anniversary of battles, which took place in Darwin, Kokoda and the Coral sea. The service commemorated all military personal and payed homage to the men and women who sacrificed their lives on the battlefield.

Students were able to listen to guest speakers and view an aerial show, which included military planes of the 1940s. They also watched performances by the Royal Melbourne Choir and the Royal Australian Navy Band.

All Grade 5/6 students helped to create a special wreath, which consisted of 130 poppies. School and Vice Captains Kathleen Phan and Lindzy Lopez presented the wreath on behalf of St Albans East Primary School.

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Mathemagical Robots & Amazing Angles


Mathemagical Robots

Our grade 5/ 6 students were asked to design a simple robot and draw it whilst looking at it from at least three different perspectives (e.g. front view, bird’s eye view or side view).

The students thoroughly enjoyed working on their own or with a partner in order to build their robots. The nets of 3D objects such as cylinders, cubes, cones, prisms and pyramids were drawn on paper and then folded to create the body parts. After making their robots, students described the total number of parts by studying the shapes of the faces and counting edges and vertices.


Angles, Angles Everywhere!

We used protractors to measure angles. (Many of us needed to learn how to correctly place the protractor on the angle and how to read the measurement).

We discovered that when two lines intersect, many angles are created. We learnt two angles, side by side on a line equal 180 degrees when added together. We also discovered that the two angles facing each other were always the same size.

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